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A Game Master in medieval attire, looking perplexed and overwhelmed. He is surrounded by towering books and notes.

The Twisted Paths

Game Masters and TTRPG players face a common hurdle - recalling a fleeting detail from months ago becomes a quest of its own. Scouring through piles of notebooks and multiple apps for that one elusive detail can disrupt the flow of your epic narrative.

Your Compass

Lore Frog is your digital lore repository where every fragment of your campaign’s narrative is organized, cross-referenced, and ready to enhance your next session. Say goodbye to scattered notes and lost details.

Core Features


Effortless Linking

Link records effortlessly with a simple "@" - jump between related notes seamlessly, keeping your narrative threads tightly woven.


Context at a Click

Expand your understanding in a click. Delve deeper into locations, NPCs, or events without losing your narrative thread.


A Unified Universe

Create a living, breathing universe that transcends campaigns. Revisit enriched narratives, evolving locations, and beloved NPCs across epic sagas.


Share Your Saga

Become a lore master in a community of storytellers. Share your epic narratives and gain insights from other creators with a single click.

Focus on your story's Arcs and individual Sessions, then link those with the Npc's, Locations, History, and other Creations that your Players encounter along the way.

What Our Users Say

Alvaro S.
Goliath Wizard

"The ease of linking records in Lore Frog is a game-changer for managing my campaigns!"

Morgan R.
Tiefling Sorceress

"Running my TTRPG sessions is unimaginable without Lore Frog. It's every Game Master's ally."

Pawel S.
Eladrin Bard

"Lore Frog has created a hub for our gaming community. Sharing campaigns has never been easier and more inspiring."


Embark on a journey with a free plan to keep a single campaign's lore organized and private. As your adventures multiply, upgrade to a paid plan to unlock the realms of multiple campaigns, boundless records, image uploads, and the magic of sharing your narratives with a community of storytellers.


Just embarking on your adventure?

  • 1 Universe

  • 3 Campaigns

  • 24 Sessions

  • 150 Records including: Players, Locations, Npcs, Creations, and History.



Ready to delve deeper?

  • 3 Universes

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited Sessions

  • Unlimited Records of: Players, Locations, Npcs, Creations, and History.

  • Public Sharing!

  • Image Uploads!

$6 per month

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